Our History

Local 1260: Our History

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 1260, is one of the most diversified local unions in all the IBEW, representing more than 3,500 members throughout the Pacific — from Hawaii to Guam.

Our members work in most IBEW jurisdictions, including:

  • utility
  • outside construction
  • professional technical and clerical
  • broadcast television
  • cable television
  • maintenance and operation
  • electrical equipment service
  • sound and public address
  • warehouse service and supply
  • government

The IBEW In Hawaii

A clipping from The Journal of Electrical Workers and Operators, issue November 1941, shows members of the newly formed IBEW Local 1260 in Hawaii.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers first appeared in Hawaii — representing employees of Hawaiian Electric Company, the Navy Yard, and the Mutual Telephone Company — in 1901 as IBEW Local 111 and again in 1919 as IBEW Local 545.

It wasn’t until the Wagner Act (1935) gave workers the right to organize and bargain collectively that Hawaii’s labor movement began to expand, spreading quickly between the electrical and utility industries.

During this expansion, 84 Hawaiian Electric Company workers organized. IBEW Local 1260 was chartered on June 2, 1941, led by our first business manager, Joseph Zasymovitch.

For the next two years, IBEW Local 1260 negotiated with the Hawaiian Electric Company until its first agreement was signed on May 3, 1943.

Major gains were made during these lengthy negotiations, including a four-step grievance procedure, 11 unpaid holidays, vacation time and wage increases of about 10¢ per hour.

Shortly after IBEW Local 1260 and Hawaiian Electric reached an agreement, the employees at the Maui Electric Company, Hilo Electric Company, Hilo Gas Company and Molokai Electric Company organized. They became IBEW Local 1260 members in 1944.

We’re On Television

In June 1954, KGMB-TV became the first television station represented by IBEW Local 1260. Shortly thereafter, all other privately owned television stations in the state of Hawaii followed suit.

Welcome Aboard, Guam

On February 1, 2002, IBEW Local 1260 was certified by the National Labor Relations Board as the bargaining agent for employees on the Air Force and Naval bases in the Territory of Guam, welcoming nearly 700 members into the IBEW family.

The Present

Today, IBEW Local 1260 represents more than 3,500 members, working under 37 agreements at 44 companies. We continue to advocate for all workers throughout the Pacific, both organized and not, through workplace and legislative action.