International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ International President Edwin D. Hill Appoints Local 1260 Member to Lead Organizer - Membership Development Department

IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill has appointed Local 1260 member Justin P. Puaoi to the position of Lead Organizer working under the auspices of the IBEW International Office.  As a Lead Organizer, Puaoi will be working on behalf of all three IBEW Locals in the State of Hawaii and be tasked with coordinating all IBEW membership development activities in the State of Hawaii and the Territory of Guam.

Puaoi was recommended for the position by Local 1260 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo.

In regard to Local 1260, Puaoi will be working in conjunction with Local 1260 Director of Organizing & Training, Brandon Ahakuelo.  Under Brandon’s directorship, Local 1260 has added more than 250 new members to its roster.  While Director Ahakuelo will continue his membership development initiatives, Puaoi will contribute and assist in all organizational directives of not only Local 1260, but with those of the other IBEW Locals as well.

“As the former Director of Organizing for the IBEW in Washington, I know Justin has what it takes to be a successful organizer in both Hawaii & Guam.” said Business Manager Ahakuelo.  “He fills a very important position within the IBEW because organizing and growth is key to the strength and prosperity of the Brotherhood across the Pacific Basin.”

Puaoi joins the IBEW after working for nearly a decade at Local 1260’s cosignatory, Servco Home & Appliance Distribution.  He is also a former shop steward, Unit Chairman, Unit 6 Representative to the Local 1260 Executive Board, as well as, the Board’s Vice-President.  He will transition into his new position beginning on May 1, 2014.



Business Manager Ahakuelo Meets with Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui to Discuss Matters of Importance to Local 1260 Members

Local 1260 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo met with Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui this morning to discuss several issues important to both Local 1260 members and cosignatory companies of the Local Union.  Ahakuelo was joined in the meeting by Local 1260 Executive Assistant Lee Ann Miyamura and Director of Communications & Media Russell Yamanoha.

Ahakuelo met for over an hour with Tsutsui to share various initiatives he has planned for the Local Union and to discuss a series of more directed topics.  Primary among those was the current state of affairs between the Public Utilities Commission and the Hawaiian Electric Companies, one of Local 1260's largest affiliated companies.  

Ahakuelo reiterated his support for the Lt. Governor and on behalf of Local 1260, he expressed gratitude for the work of both Lt. Governor Tsutsui and Governor Neil Abercrombie in support of working class families in the State of Hawaii.  Likewise, the Lt. Governor praised Business Manager Ahakuelo for his ability to both set and reach a higher standard for Local 1260 and for Ahakuelo's efforts to improve conditions for all Local 1260 members in both Hawaii and Guam.




                    Rowena Haunani (Honan) Ahakuelo
                               November 19, 1935 - April 4, 2014
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1260 would like to announce the passing of Rowena Haunani Ahakuelo.  Throughout her life, Rowena Ahakuelo was a proud and staunch supporter of Local 1260.  Her work behind-the-scenes helped Local 1260 prosper over the years, and for decades, Mrs. Ahakuelo played a very important support role in the hierarchy of the Local Union.
Mrs. Ahakuelo loved the IBEW and was proud of the important accomplishments of the Local Union over the years, but above all, Rowena Haunani Ahakuelo loved her family.
Rowena is the wife of former Local 1260 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Norman E. Ahakuelo, Mother of current Local 1260 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian F. Ahakuelo, Grandmother of Local 1260 Director of Organizing & Training Brandon Ahakuelo and Mother-in-Law of Local 1260 Executive Office Administrator Marilyn Ahakuelo.
The staff and members of IBEW Local 1260 would like to offer its condolences to the entire Ahakuelo family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.