Local 1260 Director of Organizing Brandon Ahakuelo Appointed to Important Seat on the Hawaii State Land Use Commission

Local 1260’s Director of Organizing & Training Brandon Ahakuelo (above middle) was appointed to serve on the prestigious Hawaii State Land Use Commission today, making his the fourth such State/County appointment for a member of the Local 1260 leadership team.  The four-year appointment runs through 2018 and was so ordered by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie.

The LUC plays a vital role in Hawaii’s civic community as the commission strives to both preserve and protect Hawaii’s lands by encouraging uses for which those lands are best suited.  As an LUC Commissioner, Director Ahakuelo will be tasked with establishing district boundaries across the State, act on petitions submitted by private landowners, developers and State & County Agencies, and consider requests for special use permits in both Agricultural and Rural Districts.

“It is vitally important for us to keep Local 1260 prominent in the civic, political and business communities.” said Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo, “In so doing, we make it possible to affect positive outcomes for our members by forging working relationships with leaders in all three arenas.”

Ahakuelo added, “I am proud to see that Brandon’s hard work on behalf of Local 1260 has not gone un-noticed, not even from the highest branches of our State government.”

In addition to Director Ahakuelo’s appointment to the Land Use Commission, other Local 1260 leaders to serve commission posts include, Business Manager Ahakuelo on the Honolulu Salary Commission (below left), Director Michael Brittain on the Labor Education Advisory Council of the Center for Labor Education and Research (below center), and Director Russell Yamanoha on the Honolulu Neighborhood Board Commission (below right).



Business Manager Ahakuelo Meets with Front Line Local 1260 Crews in Puna as Recovery Efforts Continue in the Wake of Hurricane Iselle
Local 1260 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo met with Local 1260 members in Hilo & Puna today as utility members from across the State continue with recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Iselle.   Crews have been working nearly around the clock, sometimes in some very hazardous conditions, to restore power in the affected areas and their efforts have not gone un-noticed by area residents (above).
In parts of Puna, the damage is still making some areas very difficult to access (above), but Ahakuelo noted that our utility members are doing all they can to reach those areas and restore power as soon as possible. 
Ahakuelo began his visit with stops in Hilo at the Hawaii Electric Light Company's Hilo baseyard (above) where he met with crews as they prepped for another long day.  Then he checked in with support teams at the Company's main office (below).
Also in Hilo, Ahakuelo met with crews from Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (above) as they conducted tailboard meetings at their make-shift baseyard.  Because of the volume of support equipment our utility cosignatories has sent to the Big Island, the secondary base yard was needed to accommodate both equipment and crews. 
Ahakuelo was especially impressed with the spirit of team work and collaboration showed by Local 1260 members both in the field and in the base yards, such as this combined crew from KIUC and Hawaii Electric Light (above).   This combined crew was tasked with repairing downed power lines in the Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision.
"I really can't say enough about the responsiveness and sense of responsibility displayed by our crews," said Ahakuelo, "I am very proud of their efforts and although they still have much work left ahead of them, I am confident that our Local 1260 members will get the work done as fast as possible and as safe as possible and really show the heart and spirit of what it is to be a member of the IBEW local 1260."


Local 1260 Members Answer the Call To Help Big Island Residents Get Back on Their Feet in the Aftermath of Hurricane Iselle

Local 1260 Staff Members Travel to Puna in Support of Members who are Leading Recovery Efforts

The Local 1260 Leadership Team traveled to the Puna District of the Big Island today, in support of Local 1260 members who are leading recovery efforts for residents affected by Hurricane Iselle.  Local 1260’s Hawaii Island Representative & Director of Organizing Brandon Ahakuelo spent the day delivering refreshments to both members at Hawaii Electric Light Company’s Hilo baseyard (photos above) and response crews out in the field (photos below).   Since last Friday, most Big Island Local 1260 members have been turning in near 18-hour shifts as they work to restore power to affected areas.

Some of the hardest hits locations include Mountain View, Hawaiian Beaches and Hawaiian Paradise Park south of Hilo (photo scroll above), while Local 1260 members have also been called to assist in recovery efforts north of Hilo, in areas like Hamakua and Honokaa.

All four State utilities are responding in these efforts, as crews from Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative are all on the Big Island assisting Hawaii Electric Light crews.  Heavy equipment from Hawaiian Electric & Maui Electric are being staged at a make shift baseyard in Hilo town, just behind the Edith Kanakaole Stadium.   Meanwhile, response crews are being staged in Pahoa (photo scroll above), turning what was an empty lot into an active baseyard.

Local 1260 cosignatory contractors are also on scene, such as this crew from Ikaika (above), who made the trip from Oahu to help replace poles in advance of the utility crews who are working to restore downed power lines (photos below).

“I am very proud of the work being done by the members of our Local Union,” said Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo.  “It is in times like these where we show our true colors, by embracing the IBEW’s Code of Excellence and showing our communities that when the chips are down, Local 1260 members will answer the call.”

“I applaud the efforts of our Local 1260 members working in the affected areas and their support teams,” Ahakuelo added,  “I wish them all the best and pray for their safety as they operate in some very challenging conditions.”