Business Manager Ahakuelo and Local 1260 Staff Hunker Down as Tropical Storm Halong Batters the Territory of Guam 
Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo and Guam Director Ken Laguana were forced to postpone today's Unit 9 Shop Steward meeting, as near hurricane force winds battered the Territory of Guam.  Tropical Storm Halong passed over the island on Wednesday morning (Tuesday in Hawaii) packing sustained winds of 65 mph, falling just short of tropical cyclone status (75 mph).  Early this morning, local authorities issued an order that encouraged all residents to remain at home and to keep the streets clear for emergency personnel.
In light of the order, Ahakuelo and Laguana decided to postpone today's meeting until weather conditions improve and authorities issue an "all clear".  At last report, Tropical Storm Halong was projected to intensify in strength and move off to the west-northwest over the next 48 hours.

Local 1260 Delegates Active During Day-2 of the IBEW’s 2014 Ninth District Progress Meetings
Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo led the Local 1260 delegation today as the second day of the IBEW Ninth District meetings got underway on Maui.
Ahakuelo addressed attendees during the “Broadcast, Outside (Construction), Telecom & Utility Workshop”, before introducing Hawaiian Electric Company’s Vice President for Energy Delivery, Colton Ching (above left), who also made a presentation during the breakout session.
Ahakuelo was also called upon to speak to delegates at the “Young Workers’ Workshop” where he spoke of the inevitable work place changes that are currently happening across all jurisdictions of the IBEW (above left & right).  He asked delegates to empower themselves by embracing those changes while working with their Local Unions to take advantage of those changes and to manage them in a way that will improve not only their professional futures, but their personal and family lives as well.
Ahakuelo was also on hand for the “Government, Manufacturing and Railroad Workshop”.  With nearly a third of Local 1260’s membership employed under the Service Contract Act, the Local Union sent a 6-member team to hear the latest information in regards to our Government/Service/Defense Contract cosignatories and members.  Included in that group was Local 1260’s Guam Director Kenneth Laguaña and Executive Board Vice President (& DZSP-21 employee) Robert Mafnas (above right).

Local 1260 Well Represented as the IBEW's Ninth District Progress Meetings Kick-Off on Maui
Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo led the Local 1260 delegation today, as the IBEW's Ninth District Progress Meetings opened on Maui. Ahakuelo was joined by the Business Managers of sister Locals 1186 (Damien Kim) and 1357 (Kimi Koge) as the 3-day event kicked off at the Grand Wailea Resort. Each of the eleven districts of the IBEW are mandated by the IBEW Constitution to conduct yearly progress meetings.
Business Manager Ahakuelo (above left) helped open the event by introducing Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui (above middle) who delivered the events opening remarks.
Local 1260 was also honored several times during the opening program.  First, delegates from Local 1260 were recognized for their attendance (above left), Local 1260 treasurer Kris Hoke (above middle) was chosen to greet IBEW International Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore Chilia before he gave his remarks, and Local 1260 Guam Director Kenneth Laguaña and Vice President Robert Mafnas (above right) were also honored for making the 3,800+ mile journey to be a part of the Progress Meetings.
Dignitaries at the event then took center stage as the Business Managers of all three Hawaii Local Unions presented a koa canoe paddle to International President Ed Hill (above left), signifying his strong leadership and guidance of the IBEW through tough times.  Business Manager Ahakuelo was also pleased to present President Hill with a latte stone (above middle) from Local 1260's Guam members, a symbol of pride among Chamorro people.  IBEW Local 1186 also made a presentation of a hand made ukulele to International Ninth District Vice President Michael Mowrey.
The keynote speakers on day one at today's the Progress Meetings were International President Edwin Hill (above left) and International Secretary-Treasurer Salvatore Chilia (above right).