Local 1260's "New-Look" Executive Board Convenes on the Island of Maui  
With its most recent officers’ election process completed, Local 1260 and Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo were pleased to hold the first Executive Board meeting of Ahakuelo’s second term in office today.  The meeting was held at Maui’s Grand Wailea Resort in advance of the IBEW’s Ninth District Progress Meetings, which are being held at the same venue.
Local 1260’s Executive Board: (middle photo above - seated; left to right): Treasurer Kris Hoke, President Ron Gerard, Recording Secretary Lisa Lorenzo; (standing: left to right): Unit 1 Representative Bronson Jones; Unit 2 Representative Emmett Thompson, Unit 3 Representative Paul Descalso, Unit 4 Representative Lydia Mahelona-Akamine, Unit 5 Representative Shayne Ige, Unit 6 Representative David Finn, Unit 7 Representative Tracie Jacintho, Unit 8 Representative Bert Horikawa, Unit 9 Representative Jose Salas. (Missing: Vice-President Robert Mafnas)
Newly elected Treasurer and out-going President Kris Hoke (above right) called the meeting to order before handing the gavel over to newly elected President Ron Gerard (above left), the Board’s former Treasurer – essentially switching posts.  Lisa Lorenzo and Robert Mafnas round out the Local 1260 Principal Officers, serving as the Board’s Recording Secretary and Vice President respectivelyThe IBEW’s International Vice President for the Ninth District, Michael Mowrey (above middle), was in attendance for the Board meeting and he administered the oath of office to Executive Board members (above left).  It marked the first time ever that an IBEW Vice President had ever sworn in the Local 1260 Board.IBEW Senior International Representative Harold Dias (above middle) also addressed the group to express how advantageous it is for a local union to have an Executive Board that works in concert with its Business Manager to advance both the Local Union and all of its members.

Business Manager Ahakuelo Announces the Opening of the Brand New IBEW Local 1260 Headquarters in Downtown Honolulu
Business Manager / Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo is very proud to announce that Local 1260's brand new headquarters is now open for business in the Topa Financial Center in Downtown Honolulu.  The Local Union's NEW MAILING ADDRESS is:
IBEW Local 1260
Topa Financial Center
700 Bishop Street
Suite 1600
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-4117
Local 1260 members will still be able to contact the Local Union's Administrative Staff and Leadership Team the same as always:
Phone: (808) 941-9445
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.ibew1260.org
"Our new headquarters represents a huge step forward for this Local Union," said Ahakuelo, "I demand the utmost in professionalism from my staff and expect our cosignatory companies to likewise view and treat each and every one of our members as professionals.
"This move is the latest in a string of progressive actions we have taken to help us 'up our game' and 'level the playing field' in the eyes of our cosignatories, business and civic leaders and in the eyes of the public."
Ahakuelo added, "Our former building in Moiliili served its purpose well, but after five decades of service, it was showing its age and clearly the time had come for the Local Union to move into a new office that I believe will serve as a source of pride for our members for years to come."
This new office is the first of several that Local 1260 will open across the State of Hawaii and the Territory of Guam.   The sale of the Union's former home office was diligently managed to ensure that the Local Union would have the financial ability to open satellite offices (staffed with full-time Local Union Representatives) to give members more access to their Union leadership and enhance representation.


Mark Your Calendars!!!
The Inaugural Local 1260 Scholarship Golf Tournament is set for September 6, 2014!