IBEW Ninth District International Vice President Michael Mowrey Announces his Retirement; District Office International Representative John O’Rourke Named as Mowrey’s Successor

At its annual Membership Development Conference this week, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers announced that Ninth District International Vice President Michael Mowrey has decided to retire from the IBEW and will be leaving his post as of November 1, 2014.  The announcement was made after Mowrey met with his District officers and staff to inform them of his decision

Local 1260 falls within the jurisdiction of the Ninth District which encompasses the western region of the United States including Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Alaska, northern Idaho and also the Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of Saipan. 

Michael Mowery has been an IBEW member for nearly 40 years, serving as the Union’s Ninth District Vice President for almost 2 decades.  Under Mr. Mowrey’s leadership, the Ninth District has grown dramatically.  Back in the mid-90’s, the Ninth was the third largest district in the IBEW in terms of membership.  Today, with more than 126,000 members, it is the largest group in the Brotherhood comprising approximately 17% of the IBEW’s total membership.

Having the tough task of filling Mowrey’s shoes will be International Representative John O’Rourke.  Like Mowrey, he is a longtime advocate for the labor movement and a dedicated and progressive IBEW leader. 

O’Rourke and Local 1260 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo share a long history of working side-by-side to advance the endeavors of the Brotherhood.  Back in 2001, both Ahakuelo and O’Rourke served as planners for the IBEW’s International Convention in San Francisco.

“I wish Mike all the best as he embarks on a new journey in life,” said Ahakuelo, “I am proud to have served under Vice President Mowrey and I am one of the many who are grateful to call him a friend.

“I hope Mike enjoys a well-deserved long and happy retirement, it was a privilege to serve along side one of the true champions of labor.”

“And while I am saddened to see Mike leave the Ninth District,” Ahakuelo added, “I am very happy to see John ascend into the role of Ninth District Vice President.

“John and I have been friends and colleagues for the better part of two decades and I look forward to working with John in the future to help advance the lives of every single member of IBEW Local 1260 and their families.”



Business Manager Ahakuelo and Local 1260 Leaders Participate in the 2014 IBEW Membership Development Conference
Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo led a group of Local 1260 staffers during today's opening day of the IBEW's 2014 Membership Development Conference.  Outside of its International Convention, the Membership Development Conference is the largest and most attended event in the IBEW, with several hundred delegates taking part in the three day conference.
IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill (bottom middle) was the keynote speaker of today's opening session.  He spoke about the attacks currently being levied against the middle class and the challenges being faced by working class families.  President Hill stressed the importance of organizing at the local union level to help foster growth in IBEW membership which will in turn, strengthen the labor movement overall, reverse the dwindling middle class, and strengthen the economic base of the United States, Canada and Guam.



Business Manager Ahakuelo Leads Local 1260 Contingent During IBEW Broadcast Coordinating Council Meetings 

Business Manager/Financial Secretary Brian Ahakuelo and members of the Local 1260 Leadership Team participated in the IBEW’s Broadcast Coordinating Councils today.  The Councils (or BCC) were formed last year, by order of IBEW International President Edwin Hill, as a mechanism for local unions to share information about their dealings with the various broadcast cosignatories associated with the IBEW.

The Councils have proven to be a great asset to the broadcast members of Local 1260, as the BCC facilitates a sharing of information that allows broadcast local unions a chance to assess how media companies are dealing with union issues on a national level and develop strategies as they enter new contract negotiations.

Local 1260 is fortunate to have officers on a pair of these national councils as Senior Executive Assistant Lee Ann Miyamura (below middle) was today elected by members of the Raycom Coordinating Council (Hawaii News Now) as their new Secretary Treasurer.  Director of Media & Communications Russell Yamanoha is also the Secretary Treasurer of the Hearst (KITV) BCC.  As of now, because Local 1260 administers the only IBEW contract with KHON parent company LIN Media, there is no Council set up for LIN.

“Collectively, our broadcast members are not the largest group within Local 1260,” said Business Manager Ahakuelo, “but that makes them no less important than any other member in this Local Union.”

“We fully support the work of all of the Coordinating Councils,” Ahakuelo added, “because at the end of the day, it gives us the opportunity to represent our broadcast members in the most productive and professional manner possible.”